Saturday, January 15, 2011

One month to heartbreak

The One Month Before Heartbreak campaign is under way. It's Valentines Day next month and the government's consultation on it's disability cuts ends that day. They want to cut DLA (and other things) that disabled people rely on. These are not benefit scroungers, they are real people with real disabilities, people in wheelchairs, people with learning disabilities, people with mental health problems, complex care needs.

My own son is affected by the cuts - he's in a wheelchair, pump fed via a gastrostomy, cannot speak, needs his airway keeping clear constantly, many fits a day, oxygen support etc. he is very visibly disabled but his care and support is still being cut. There are lots of other stories on The Broken of Britain website if you're still not convinced . Write to your councillor and MP about it - tel everyone you can what is really happening. Go to the 'consultation' meetings and make your voice heard - if you're a carer or disabled, it will affect you. If you're not, we need your help - please.

This government has started these cuts, the Lib Dems are colluding and Labour seems to have lost its tongue. So we have to speak out for ourselves.

We will be presenting our politicians with a bunch of red roses - each one tagged with a cut that affects us. The card will read 'Being disabled isn't a bed of roses, cutting off the roses leaves us just a bed of thorns.' We'll cut off the heads before we hand them over and read out each cut to them. You may want to do something similar.

I know it's only a gesture, but it might get them to think.

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