Sunday, January 2, 2011

How would you like your cut, sir?

Christmas is pretty much over. It's been a strange one. We didn't end up in hospital and there were no major traumas with care support. Our son even managed to open his presents on Christmas day - though he has been quite sleepy on and off since.

Back to what passes for normal here next week - we need to find out what progress his care review has made (if any) and respond to a number of 'consultations'. The most fun one is going to be from Social Services. They've asked us to comment (along with everyone else involved in adult social care) about how they should go about implementing the cuts. They start off saying there are going to be 25% cuts (whatever we say), so that's honest of them - nasty but honest. They don't mention the fact that the reason there are going to be cuts is that their own party nationally imposed a spending cap on them and they are enthusiastically implementing it locally.

The choices we're being consulted on are -
  • increased charges on disabled people for essential care services (the fact that they have no money as benefits have been cut for the most disabled doesn't seem important)
  • cut funding to care service providers (who will therefore be forced to do their dirty work by having to cut services)
  • raising the criteria for being eligible for services (i.e. stop giving services to the less disabled)
It's like being asked to choose how we'd prefer to kill ourselves - hanging, electric chair or lethal injection. The cut I'd really like to make is to cut these cold hearted politicians out of government. We aren't all in this together - I don't see any politicians surviving on the breadline while having to live in pain and discomfort, not able to afford to leave their home and with the added problem of being labeled 'benefit scroungers' by people who have no idea what it's like. I do see bankers whingeing they'll have to move to the Bahamas if their Multi-million pound bonuses get reduced - because they're such valuable members of society - not.

The disabled didn't cause this crisis, they never got any bonuses. Being disabled isn't a bed of roses - but if you cut away all the roses, all you've left are the thorns.


  1. Thanks, hope your new year goes well.

  2. Ned,

    The answer to that survey is; don't answer. The options that they have given you will not be the only ones, but they want you to pick one of them and give you responsibility for it. Throw it in the bin. And Happy New Year..

  3. Julie,
    intend mounting a local campaign against it. There are local meetings planned where I'll be making just the points you raise - as who I really am rather than Ned Ludd. Hope I'm not alone, suspect latent support out there.