Thursday, January 27, 2011

Got to get a life

I've had some salutary advice from someone I trust implicitly today. I need to get a bit of a life outside disability for my own good. They're right. I can't stop the caring, but our son's not too bad just now. Worrying about the cuts, going to meetings about them, campaigning against how they will affect him and his friends, writing to MP, councilors etc. has pretty much taken over of late. On top of that there's the perennial current issue with his care package - CQC v care service provider v nurses etc. - getting dealt with. All in all it is pretty much my life just now - blogging here is relatively light relief.

There's not a lot of joy about just now.

So I'm going to do something about it. I'm going to do a few of those things I used to enjoy a bit - something every day just because I want to - even if it's something small. I'll still have to go to the MPs surgery tomorrow and I'll still have at least x2 full days next week at 'cuts' meetings being held by our local Council, I'll still have to meet up with his care manager to sort out the present issue, ... but I will do something else as well.

If I get behind with the blog, apologies in advance - I may be doing something that's actually more fun - if I can think what that used to be ....


  1. Heartily agreed on this, it's something I've had to do as well, which is why we started the garden. It gives me joy to be out there although it has "proven" that I don't need help if I can do something so frivolous. Hell with it, it's worth it to have fresh blooms in my house during the summer and be outside with child.

    Still struggle with doing "fun" for self, but I'm getting there. Carry on and go slowly, it may take a bit to get out and not feel the guilts for doing so.

  2. The demands of caring do get in the way of having a life, especially as all the professionals and providers think we have nothing better to do. Defy them them all and have fun!

  3. Thanks for the support. I will get out and do something - even if it is only chopping wood! I quite like chopping wood - sad isn't it.